Parent and Toddler Groups

A Parent and Toddler Group is an informal group within the local community, which provides an opportunity for young children and their parents/carers to meet. Parent/toddler groups can be a great way of meeting other people with children the same age as yours in your area. While these were traditionally aimed at mothers/fathers, they are now aimed at childminders, grandparents and other guardians. Some are held in local community centres or church halls while others meet in the homes of group members.


  1. Who runs the group?

A voluntary committee of parents/carers is formed, and officers (members with responsibilities) are elected/appointed. This committee (with the support of all the other parents attending the group), oversee the smooth running of the group.


  1. Are you looking for a Parent & Toddler group in the Dublin City Area?

Visit our searchable directory on our website for a list of Parent and Toddler groups in your area.



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